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It occurred to us that leaving your reptile pet under no, or un-trained supervision, is a risky proposition. Recently a friend left his Jackson Chameleons under the care of his mother with a friend to stop by every three days. He has the finest misting, dripping, and timed light set up that money can buy. His mother unplugged the setup for 5 minutes to vacuum and then plugged it back in. What she didn’t know is that the digital timers returned to default mode…full on!!! He lost both animals to heat exposure. That is just one reason to consider a boarding or sitting situation, for peace of mind. E-mail us with any questions. At present we are offering sitting in Suffolk only.

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Eastern Indigo Snakes
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Owning Eastern Indigo Snakes requires a license in NY. Here's a link to NYDEC:

Breeding projects are always changing and we encourage you to email us for available animals.