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We have rescued many reptiles, but we are not a hook and ladder company. We are not animal doctors. Our reptile rescue is more adoption than a reptile trauma unit. Its really reptile adoption and re-homing when possible. If you no longer want an animal, if you can’t have one in your dorm room, or the kids are ignoring it’s needs, we will give it a home. SICK ANIMALS NEED IMMEADIATE CARE! WHEN IN DOUBT GO TO A QUALIFIED VET!!! Two products that we have used extensively and fully endorse are PARAZAP…and REPTAID. DO THE RIGHT THING, THESE ARE GOD’S CREATURES!

If we have provided a service for you, re-homed, rescued, or any other thing that you appreciate, please donate to help us provide these services and care for these animals!!!!

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(Video) Interview at Croc U

(AUDIO) Interview with owner Tom Bush

(ARTICLE) Breeding Threatened Species

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Eastern Indigo Snakes
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Owning Eastern Indigo Snakes requires a license in NY. Here's a link to NYDEC:

Breeding projects are always changing and we encourage you to email us for available animals.